How Much Do You Know About Power Blender Recipes

A blender is used for making a juice, smoothie. Or so we thought. There are a ton of other uses the power blender can be utilized for. From making party smoothies and shakes to drinking some very nutritious juices, the power blender can make it all.

However, proper use of blender and it’s appropriate blades is required to make some really amazing recipes. A few power blender recipes are mentioned below.

  • Black Rice And Sesame Paste

With the high level of antioxidant properties, black rice helps to detoxify the body and slows down the sugar absorption in the blood.

Sesame seeds, on the other hand, provide calcium and magnesium which reduces the migraine headaches. Apart from this, the copper present in the sesame seeds prove to be an essential part for the anti-inflammatory process.

  • Orange Cantaloupe Mint Juice

Oranges are known to have strong antioxidant features and a variety of phytochemicals and flavonoids. As they are full of nutrients, oranges promote clear skin and can help in the reduction of many diseases.

Cantaloupes reduce the risk of obesity and diabetes while maintaining the sweetness. Mint, on the other hand, is effective in curing the allergies and acts as a natural aromatic particle. The juice of all the three can have some very healthy effects for the overall body. The recipe can be found at the website GREENIS.

  • Black Bean And Soyabean Milk

Black beans are essential for the healthy bones. Black beans contain a variety of minerals such as zinc, magnesium, iron, calcium, and manganese which contribute towards strengthening the bone structure and boosting digestive system.

Soy contains fibre as well as proteins and vitamins. These are required for the optimum body functioning. They also promote weight loss, strengths the blood vessels and prevents osteoporosis. This recipe is very healthy especially for the kids.

  • Banana Puree

Babies require all the essential nutrients for their growth which can be supplied by the bananas. A banana puree is simple to make and highly effective baby food. It contains the vitamin C, vitamin B2 and is rich in potassium with low levels of sodium. These minerals make it an ideal drink for the baby.

Making these great recipes require you to use a powerful and reliable blender. When looking for such an amazing brand, look no further than the market leader, Greenis.